The reliable and efficient packaging solution for the low volume sender.

pkt removes the hassle of packaging an item, making it a simplified and enhanced experience to send items through the post and parcel networks. It is the physical product for the digital age, bringing businesses closer to their customers and families closer to each other.
The core benefit of pkt is that it can package any item you wish to send, regardless of its size or shape. This means that you no longer need to have multiple different types and sizes of packaging material, just some pkt. This simplifies the process for the user. The simplified experience is enhanced by the fact that it only takes three simple steps and no other equipment to package an item securely. 
Further benefits of pkt include ease of recyclability and an enhanced user experience through its unique exterior. When you recieve a package that is using pkt, the whole of the packaging can be put straight into recycling as it is constructed from a single material. Also, rather than the typical bland brown colours of existing packaging options, pkt can be any colour, design or pattern the customer desires. This allows the postal packaging to become part of the product experience and adds a whole new dimension to the parcel process.
There are many more benefits and unique features of pkt. If you are interested, then please do not hesitate to contact us...